Cmdline Reference Guide

Theses commands need to be found in the path environment variable.

Go Tool Commands

Ran from the root of the main package.

  1. Build package and all sub-packages:
    go build -v ./...

Git Commands

Ran from root of git repository.

  1. Stage all files for commit:
    git add --all
  2. Commit to local repository:
    git commit -m "message for commit"
  3. Push to remote repository:
    git push origin master
  4. Pull from remote repository:
    git pull origin master
  5. Initalize a new Repo:
    git init
  6. Add a Remote to a Local Repo:
    git remote add origin

Hugo Site Commands

Ran from root of hugo site.

  1. Create a new hugo site template:
    hugo new site "site name"
  2. Run Hugo development server:
    hugo server --watch
  3. Generate static site (defaults to ./public):

MongoDB Commands

Ran from the database root unless path is specified in command.

  1. Run the server with path to database:
    mongod --dbpath .\db
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