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Theses commands need to be found in the path environment variable. Go Tool Commands Ran from the root of the main package. Build package and all sub-packages - go build -v ./... Git Commands Ran from root of git repository. Stage all files for commit - git add --all Commit to local repository - git commit -m "message for commit" Push to remote repository - git push origin master Hugo Site Commands Ran from root of hugo site.




Powershell module for logging to different targets


Powershell module for Webdriver test tool


This is a list of talks and trainings I have lead. These trainings were given at various venues like Meetup’s and Code Camps:

  • PowerShell Toolmaking: 12 week training on toolmaking best practices
  • Introduction to Raven Database: Installing and using the NoSQL document database for the .net framework
  • Software Testing With PowerShell and Boo: Scripting the .net framework to create black box test applications
  • Introduction to PowerShell: Getting started with Microsoft’s automation shell and scripting language


This is a list of some of the SDLC related books that I have read:

  • DSL’s in BOO: DSL’s in .NET
  • IronPython in Action
  • PowerShell Toolmaking in a Month of Lunches
  • PowerShell Deep Dives
  • RavenDB in Action
  • TFS in Action
  • Windows PowerShell in Action
  • Windows PowerShell for Developers
  • Python Complete
  • Python and XML
  • Python Handbook
  • Guide to Agile using Scrum
  • Pro C Sharp
  • Pro WFF
  • Guide to Software Testing
  • How to Break Software
  • How to Break Software Security